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Amazon Echo family


Welcome to the Alexa in Canada Partners Page, a curated list of select brands that are helping to serve the Alexa community. These brands provide exceptional value and I encourage you to check them out!

VoiceFirst.FM, based in the United States, is the “Podcast Network for the #VoiceFirst Era.” The network’s extensive catalogue of shows features industry leaders across multiple sectors, with cutting-edge insights and perspectives. Hosts and guests of the VoiceFirst network have appeared on the Alexa in Canada Podcast. Bradley Metrock, the mastermind behind VoiceFirst.FM, was featured on Episode 13, when we announced that Alexa in Canada: The Voice Experience was the first international show to join the network! Be sure to check out the comprehensive collection of VoiceFirst shows!

The Alexa Conference

The Alexa Conference is the annual gathering of Alexa thought leaders, developers, and enthusiasts in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The upcoming 3rd annual gathering will be held on January 15-17, 2019. The conference attracts leaders in the voice-first space from around the world. It is the place to be to network with Alexa leaders, participate in the free “Alexathon”  skill development competition, and learn about the future of Alexa.

alexa_bio-logo is the brainchild of William Nutt, who is creating “The living book on Amazon Alexa.” Similar to Alexa in Canada, his website covers news, commands, skills and tutorials, but is geared towards American users. William was featured on Episode 8 of Alexa in Canada: The Voice Experience, where we talked about his perspectives of Alexa use in the United States.

love my echo

Love My Echo is a website by April L. Hamilton, a tech blogger, app developer, and author. She was part of the first group of independent developers invited by Amazon to create Alexa skills. Her website is geared towards American users, who are looking for more tips, tricks, and tutorials.